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Qbasic looping programs. Wap to print all odd number from 1 to 100 cls a=1 b=1. B=b+1 loop end wap to print all even numbers from 1 to 100 cls a=2 b=1.

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If I have loop in a loop and once an if statement is satisfied I want to break main loop, how am I supposed to do that?

This is my code:


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Using a labeled break:

Also See

Jigar JoshiJigar Joshi

You can add labels to your loop, and use that labelled break to break out of the appropriate loop: -

See these links for more information:

Rohit JainRohit Jain

You can just return the control from that function. Or use the ugly break labels approach :)

If there is another code parts after your for statement, you can refactor the loops in a function.

IMO, the use of breaks and continue should be discouraged in OOP, since they affect the readability and the maintenance. Sure, there are cases where they are handy, but in general I think that we should avoid them, since they will encourage the use of goto style programing.

Apparently variations to this questions are posted a lot. Here Peter provided some good and odd uses using labels.


It looks like for Java a labeled break appears to be the way to go (based on the consensus of the other answers).

But for many (most?) other languages, or if you want to avoid any goto like control flow, you need to set a flag:


Just for fun:

Comment on break label : it's a forward goto. It can break any statement and jump to the next:

Keshav bansalKeshav bansal

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