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Church Management Software has never been so affordable or easy to use! PowerChurch Plus makes it easy to manage your. PowerChurch Software user profiles. Trusted since last century by thousands of churches, Church Windows efficiently handles the church receipts and disbursements, its budget and its employee payroll. This YouTube Channel features helpful video information for users of Church Windows Church Management Software produced by Computer Helper Publishing, Inc.

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The OpenLP User Manual is here to help you learn how to use OpenLP. From installing, to setting up your monitors, tousing OpenLP on a regular basis, all the information you need to know is in here. And if you see some of it is missing,please help us add it.


Getting Started With OpenLP¶

  • Introduction
  • Installing OpenLP on Linux
  • Installing OpenLP on BSD

Reference Manual¶

  • First Time Wizard
  • Menu Items
  • Configuring OpenLP
  • Backing up OpenLP
  • Dual Monitor Setup
  • Media Manager
  • Service Manager
  • Print Service
  • Projector Manager
  • Plugin List
  • Formatting Tags
  • Customize Shortcuts
  • Themes
  • Songs
  • Bibles
  • Alert
  • The Web Remote
  • The Stage View
  • Android Remote
  • iOS Remote
  • Glossary

Windows 10 User Manual


Questions and Troubleshooting¶

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Troubleshooting

Pros: The Customer support is one of the best selling points of this program - professional, helpful, patient, and prompt in their replies. In regards to the program it is great how the system for Members, Donations, and Accounting are woven together, there is the ability in detail to establish security settings, and the system creates a trail for every action. For Accounting the system is robust for Fund accounting and provides a number of reports with the click of a button. We are glad to see the most recent overhaul to the software that has made significant improvements to the program.

Cons: The online mobile version is cost prohibitive for a small and medium sized congregations limiting its value for less centralized congregations and use in the mission field. Though the report creation tool is powerful, it is complicated to the point of needing to relearn how to create new reports each time one is needed (a definite time sink limiting the ability to readily create new reports). At times search results are baffling in that they do not appear to generate the full data one had requested. The interface between the Donations Module and Membership Module has the ability to create duplicates of people in which an individual's information is spread over two profiles. Lastly we have never found a meaningful use for the Scheduler Module as it is a self-contained module that can't be utilized to automatically populate online calendars or sync with other devices.

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Overall: We are a small, small town congregation. We use the program for all our membership and financial records of the church. In general we have had a positive experience with the Church Windows program and helpline.

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Church Windows User Guide

by Computer Helper Publishing on January 17, 2019

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