D Link Dwa 132 Linux Driver


Recently I built new PC with Ubuntu OS 14.04 (64bit). I noticed the D-Link Wireless N Nano USB Adapter doesn't get detected and installed automatically.

Following are the adapter specifications:

Download free drivers for D-Link DWA-132 Wireless N USB Adapter(rev.B) 5. Without sign-up. Choose an appropriate driver from the list available on this page. Modifications and Bug Fixes, '- For Mac OS - Support Linux kernel xversions. Use the links on this page to download the latest version of D-Link DWA Wireless N.

  • Model No: DWA-131
  • Hardware Version : E1
  • Firmware Version : 5.00

How to install this wireless adapter?

Amol Gangadhar NaikAmol Gangadhar Naik

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Download for DWA-132. Product Overview: DWA-132_Datasheet; Manual: Manual ver 1.10; Firmware; Win 10 Driver support. Publish Date. - Support Linux kernel 3.2.xversions,distribution verified Fedora 16 and Ubuntu 12.04.' Publish Date Language Version. About D-Link. About D-Link Jobs News Contact. Supports and Downloads mydlink.com.

D-link drivers dwa 130

I added a driver for this adapter to PPA. It can be installed by running:

Dwa 132 Driver


Here's exactly what and where you have to edit:

  • Download the source of the DWA-131 (version E1) Linux driver.

  • Extract your source and go to /20140812_rtl8192EU_linux_v4.3.1.1_11320/os_dep/linux/.

  • Edit the os_intfs.c file.

  • Search for the following line: DBG_871X_LEVEL(_drv_info and change


    You have to actually insert this: //ed, 20150426 //

  • Then write the file and do:

    1. make
    2. make install
  • I also did the following:

    (Please note that the build-essential package is already installed on the machine. You'll have to apt-get install it if you want to be able to make and make install anything on the machine.)

Hope this helps make the process clearer. Thanks to the first author for the files to modify.

Fabrice Clerc

Fabrice ClercFabrice Clerc

This way is working on my desktop (x86_64, ubuntu 14.04, kernel 3.13.0-49-generic). For your reference.

  1. Download the source of the DWA-131 (ver:E1) linux driver.
  2. Extract the zip file (DWA-131_Linux_driver_v4.3.1.1.zip)
  3. Modify two lines (//ed, 20150426 //...) in the rtw_ndev_notifier_call() function, file name os_intfs.c.

  4. compile the codes. (refer to readme.txt in the downloaded package)

  5. install the driver

D Link Dwa 132 Linux Driver

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