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The Hartford has told its network of direct repair program shops to now consider “same-series” recycled parts older than the actual policyholder’s vehicle being repaired.

Prior to the switch, the insurer only allowed recycled parts the “same year or newer” to be used on the customer’s vehicle.

“The Hartford recently revised its policy for recycled cosmetic parts, such as hoods and bumpers, to include parts from the same vehicle series,” Hartford spokesman Thomas Hambrick confirmed in an email last week.

The change was disseminated through an email to Customer Repair Service Program collision repairers shared with us last month.

Parts in the same series are identical, and an older part will fit a newer vehicle within that design or refresh generation, and vice versa. Breviaire des echecs tartakover pdf. Opening up the field could help source more used parts — argued by recyclers to be better than new aftermarket alternatives — quickly for Hartford customers, thereby getting their cars fixed faster.

“Series is a part which was produced following the same process as the part it is intended to replace,” the Hartford wrote to repairers. “For example a Ford Pick Up fender from 2009 – 2014 was produced using the same identical stamping process, if we have a loss with a 2013 Pick Up todays’ standard outlines we would only consider a 2013 or 2014 year recycled part potentially reducing any available 2009 – 2012 choice which is an exact fit bolt on made following the same process.”

The Hartford in its note to DRP shops also observed that dealers and aftermarket suppliers would sell a part that old to a shop anyway.

“It should be noted that OE dealers AM suppliers for that same part would sell that part stamped in 2009 for any order up to 2014 as ‘New OE’ as the procurement process doesn’t have any age requirement or age indicator just the OE Part number ensuring the same fit & finish.”

However, the collision repairer, who requested anonymity given the DRP relationship, argued that a part older than the vehicle would have experienced more wear and weathering given its longer time on the road or in a salvage facility (which might not have the same part-protection conditions as a dealership warehouse).

Design or refresh generations can last a while. Besides the Ford example mentioned by Hartford, we recently covered the Jeep Compass, hits its next generation for the 2017 model year after being introduced for MY 2006 and refreshed for MY 2011.

“The Hartford is committed helping get its customers back on the road as soon as possible and will never compromise safety or quality of a repair,” Hambrick said in response to such age-related concerns. “We expect shops in our direct repair program to develop fair and accurate estimates to complete quality repairs. We believe that expanding the potential population of a parts search to include all years of a vehicle series will increase the number of quality parts options for repairs. As always, to demonstrate our commitment to quality, The Hartford guarantees the workmanship of repairs completed by our direct repair shops for as long as our customers own their vehicles.”

This controversy might to some degree resolve itself. Former Mitchell industry relations Vice President Greg Horn pointed out at NACE that OEMs might be refreshing vehicles more frequently than in the past, which would for at least some parts reduce the number of years in a series. (While this could complicate life for aftermarket manufacturers, it’s probably good for recyclers, as smaller runs of parts make the used versions a hotter — and pricier — commodity.)

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And of course, if modders and owners someday start customizing cars through 3-D printing of cosmetic components — or a local OEM-sanctioned printer spits out replacements — all bets might be off.

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The Hartford Insurance Drp Program

The Hartford, fall 2016


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The Hartford has told its network of direct repair program shops to now consider “same-series” recycled parts older than the actual policyholder’s vehicle being repaired. (Hartford email provided to Repairer Driven News)

How is the value of my total loss vehicle determined?

In order to determine whether a vehicle is repairable or is a total loss, the claim handler will consider whether the cost to repair the vehicle exceeds a certain threshold percentage of the vehicle's total value. Each state has its own thresholds. The factors that a claim handler will consider to determine whether a vehicle is a total loss include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Actual cash value (ACV) and salvage value
  • State laws or regulations that provide guidance on how to determine the vehicle market value
  • Mileage, vehicle options, and condition
  • Previous damage not related to the accident
  • New Car Replacement Cost Coverage*
Hartford Insurance Drp ProgramWe consider the market value of comparable vehicles in your area, sales tax (if applicable) and/or state fees, and your deductible to calculate the ACV. To illustrate:

Hartford Insurance Drp

Vehicle's market value (as determined by factors listed above)$15,000
Assume sales tax is applicable (use 5% for this example)$750
Your deductible (assume $500)-$500
ACV (what The Hartford pays)$15,250

Please note that the ACV calculation is for illustrative purposes only. Each policy and claim is different. Your claim handler will address circumstances unique to your claim (such as endorsements, arrangements with your lien holder, if sales tax is applicable, etc.).

*New Car Replacement Cost Coverage is subject to deductible and availability and applies within the first 15 months from the date of the new car purchase or 15,000 miles (whichever occurs first). Please review your policy for restrictions.