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Nov 13, 2013. Also makes them less flexible, and so people tend to create hacks. When students submit an assignment a declaration screen will ask. Submission of any assignment/ upon submission of late assignment. (Michael d); Needs option to enable submission of drafts to text-matching service (Turnitin) and.

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How To Submit To Turnitin

Are students taking advantage of me?

How to submit to turnitin

I have students submit written assignments to Blackboard. This semester I've had more than a few instances of students posting assignments in '.pages' format, posting a document that doesn't open in Blackboard for some reason, or posting a blank page. I haven't seen this happen in previous semesters so I've assumed that it's an honest mistake and I've sent an email to the student asking him/her to repost in a format that is readable in Blackboard (like .docx). I have a firm deadline for assignments and don't accept assignments late. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm being played by some of the students. Perhaps the thinking goes - I don't have my work done, I'll submit some crap format that he can't read, and then Dr. Pushover will send me an email that will give me more time to get it done. Is this a ploy that I've been too naive to catch on to until now? Do others have this problem?

Late Submission Letter

Edit: consensus seems to be that students may be playing me and that I should have a policy in the syllabus - perhaps pdf only - and then deduct points or don't accept it if it's not correct. Thanks!!

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Turnitin Late Submission Hack

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