Nov 28, 2017  DA0HK5MB6F0 REF R version B MBX-269 bios please. Troubleshooting Laptops, Portable, and Mobile Devices. E-book asma nadia by agus p. CAPCOM (decrypted C) Group: SNK vs. 269-m1.bin: 524288: f6819d00. Yes-269-p1.bin: 4194304: 38e2005e: 1b90299282f1399a756e32ff069097. Bser copy.

269-m1_decrypted.bin Download

I am trying to play King of Fighters 2002 on MVSPSP Neo-geo emulator (2.3.1). I made cache file for the rom, it is in ZIP format and the BIOS is at the right place but everytime I try to launch kof2002 ROM I get this message :
Checking BIOS..
Checking ROM info..
ROM set 'kof2002'
Loading '265-p1.bin'
Loading '265-p2.bin'
268-m1_decryptedLoading 'NEO-GEO.ROM (Europe MVS (Ver. 2))'


File not found. '265-m1_decrypted.bin'

Room 269-m1_decrypted.bin

Press any button268-m1_decrypted
and i get back to the rom selection screen. What should I do? I already tried a couple ROMs and some gave errors which prevented the cache from being made.