Autocad Fastener Library Free

  1. Autocad Fastener Library Free
  2. Create a new catalog from an existing. Then switch to Catalog Editor and delete all but (1) component from the new catalog.

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Autocad Fastener Library Free

NOTE: The manipulation you will need to do later requires that you create a new catalog in case you make a mistake. It will not corrupt your good data.

  1. Select Create New Component button.
  2. On the Create New Component dialog, under Graphics check the Custom - AutoCAD DWG Block based graphics radio button.
  3. Since we can't assign an AutoCAD block to the Fastener Component Category and the component only has 2 port we will use the Valves category and set the component property to Valve.
  1. Go ahead and finish up by giving it a Short Description, Imperial units, size range, and a Primary End Type of Undefined_ET. The image below is what you should see.
  1. Select the Create button.
  2. Type all the required General Property information:

Pressure Class: (for Port1 and Port2)

Autocad Fastener Library Free

Long Description (Family):

Cad fastener

Short Description

Weight Unit:

  1. Switch to the Sizes tab.
  2. Type in the connection Port property information:

Gta iv highly compressed. Matching Pipe OD: (for Port1 and Port2)

Long Description (Size):

  1. Now we will begin assigning the blocks to each size in range.
  2. Highlight the first size in the Size/Model list.
  3. Select the Select Model… button.
  4. Browse to the DWG file that contains your blocks for this component and select Open.
  5. In the Select Block Definition dialog select the block for your size from the list.
  6. Select OK to accept select and close dialog.

You should now see an image of the component you just assigned.

  1. Select the Save to Catalog button.
  2. Repeat Steps 12 - 17 for the remaining sizes in your range.