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How to Download iTunes for Linux. Enter your Apple ID in the email address bar and click Download. Open the Linux terminal. Type sudo apt-get install playonlinux and press ↵ Enter. Open PlayonLinux. Click Install. Enter iTunes in the search bar and press ↵ Enter. Select the version of iTunes you want to install.


iTunes in Linux Mint?

Itunes linux mint

Okay folks, I'm essentially looking at installing Linux Mint on my Mum's Dell Inspiron Mini 10, currently running Windows XP. I informed her that I was going to install Linux Mint on it, to provide a more up to date OS on it, and also get rid of the 'slowdown' she mentioned on the device. I spoke to her about her needs (basic web browsing, YouTube and some light to medium office work), as well as perhaps a couple of other non-specific general computing things that sounded like Linux Mint would be fine for, especially as she was coming over from Windows XP.

All seemed to be fine, but then she mentions that she has a lot of stuff on an iTunes account, and she likes using her iPad (1st gen) and iPod Shuffle. I did some light research and it seems that it's possible for the iPad and iPod to be synced via another program or library, which I can install (though I admit to needing more research to see what exactly is involved), but my concern is I'm not sure about how I'd be able to allow her to download her iTunes purchases to Linux Mint. Maybe it's blindingly obvious, but I thought I'd tap you guys' collective wisdom to help me get started, as I'm hoping that someone has been in a similar situation to me (or knows someone who has).

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I have told her that I don't think it's a good idea for her to be exclusively locked to a single provider that works on a limited amount of platforms for things (when it comes to computing anyway), mainly because it makes the process of being able to do certain things a bit more difficult, as for now, I'm of the opinion that iTunes needs Windows or Mac OS to run, which causes complications as I'm looking at moving her to Linux Mint, as Windows XP, whilst a good OS, is horribly outdated and unsupported now, as if 16 years after its release. the only other option I can think of is a more recent Windows version, but the issue is that I'm not sure what the driver situation is for that device, plus if I went to Windows 7 SP1, how long would it be before I need to replace the OS again? Windows 10 is an option, but again, the drivers.

In any case, my questions would be, based upon the above:

Is it worth it me putting Linux Mint on the netbook, or should I look into keeping a version of Windows on it?


If it is worth it putting Linux Mint on the netbook, how difficult is it for someone to access their iTunes library to download to it (if it's even possible), and has compatibility with Apple devices improved to make transfer easier?

Install Itunes On Linux Mint 16

I admit that there may be other considerations I haven't thought of as of yet, but this post is essentially a way for me to make sure I consider all possibilities, before proceeding with a more definitive source.


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Thanks for reading this, and also your help with my answers.

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