Jer Error Failed To Connect To Server


I'm getting -- Error: Could not connect to server -- I put in all the right settings and everything. Wow, instead of helping, you were just a jerk.

After I installed Ubuntu , I cannot update any software with the error message 'failed to download package files'. After having googled, I have tried:


  1. sudo apt-get update
  2. sudo apt-get upgrade
  3. changed to another sources

But I still got the same error message. And there is no problem with internet connection as i can connect to internet using Firefox in Ubuntu.

Fatal error failed to connect with local steam

Any ideas?


4 Answers

Press Alt+F2 and type software-properties-gtk.

Failed To Connect To An Exchange Server

Change the download location to Main Server or another server close to the country you live in and try to sudo apt-get update again.

Bruno PereiraBruno Pereira

Run the following commands (saves a backup of the old lists and creates a new lists folder) and the BADSIG error does not occur:

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Jer Error Failed To Connect To Server

There's a Package Manager Troubleshooting Procedure that usually solves this sort of problem. Perform steps 1-4 of that procedure. (Step 1, which is sometimes enough, is what Bruno Pereira has posted--in better detail--in this answer. If step 1 isn't enough, continue with the other steps.)

If that doesn't solve the problem, then please select all the text in the Terminal (Edit >Select All), copy it to the clipboard (Edit >Copy), and edit your question to include it (you'll want to make it a blockquote so that the formatting doesn't get messed up). This will then provide highly useful information for solving the problem. Aimbot download for minecraft.

Eliah KaganEliah Kagan

It seems that single enabled repository failing to update will cause this message. In my case, it was - I unchecked and no longer get error messages.

Ben CreasyBen Creasy

Error Failed To Connect To A Windows Service

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Failed To Connect To A Windows Server

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