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Folding baseboard camera type Technika; Monorail camera; Compact design; 2. Determine the camera number: You can find the number for the most Linhof cameras in the accessory shoe. Comprare your camera. Compare your camera with the pictures on this page. Look into the book “The Linhof Camera Story” for more information.

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The Linhof company, which was established in 1887 in Munich, Germany, still produces premium camera models.
Linhof cameras: Years of manufacture:
Aerial Aero 220 (NASA)1963-1973
Aero-Press 'Bundeswehr'c1957-1971
Aero-Technika (18x24)1958-1971
Aero-Technika 45c1972
Aerotronica 691925
Baby Linhof1921
Kardan Colorc1960s
Kardan Ec1986
Kardan GTI1997
Kardan Master GTL1974-1979
Kardan Master TL1974-1982
Kardan Super Color1982-1986
Kardan TE-Lc1903-1906
Linhof (folding, 1906)1966-1982
Linhof 220 PL1966-1982
Linhof M 6791910-1935
Linhof Präzisionskamera (4.5x6)1910-1935
Linhof Präzisionskamera (model 1934)1910-1935
Linhof Präzisionskamera (vertical)c1972
Master Technika (Special)c1972
Metrika 451963-1979
Standard 'Luftwaffeneigentum'1950-1954
Stereo Panoramac1920
Studio Camera 701964-1971
Super Technika III (6x9)1956-1964
Super Technika IV Green1964
Super Technika V1994
Technika (18x24)1962-1979
Technika Flexc1939-1946
Technika III1956-1964
Technika Medizin1958-1963
Technika Vc1985
Technikardan Panoramac1985-2000s
Technorama (6x17)c1983
Technorama 612 PC IIc1997
Technorama 617 Sc1996
Technorama 617 S III (Jubilee)c1907-1910
Weitwinkel 65 (Wide Angle)

Today Linhof is the oldest still-producing camera manufacturer in the world after Gandolfi and Kodak stopped their production.

  • 1Products
    • 1.1Folding bed field cameras
    • 1.4Panoramic


Folding bed field cameras[edit]

6x9 cm[edit]

See also Linhof 6x9.

  • Linhof Ur-Technika (1934)
  • Linhof Technika
  • Linhof Technika III, with or without RF
  • Linhof Technika IV
  • Linhof Super Technika IV
  • Linhof Technika 70
  • Linhof Studienkamera 70
  • Linhof Super Technika V = Super Technika 23
  • Linhof Technikardan 23S
  • Linhof Techno

9x12 cm[edit]

  • Linhof Technika II (1937–1943)

4x5 in.[edit]

Linhof Technika V

  • Linhof 34 (1934–1936)
  • Linhof Technika Medizin (1937–1943)
  • Linhof Standard Press
  • Linhof Technika III, with or without RF
  • Linhof Technika IV
  • Linhof Super Technika IV
  • Linhof Technika V
  • Linhof Super Technika V
  • Linhof Master Technika = Master Technika Classic
  • Linhof Master Technika 2000
  • Linhof Master Technika 3000
  • Linhof Technikardan 45


  • Linhof Technika
  • Linhof Technika III, with or without RF
  • Linhof Super Technika V


  • Linhof Präzisionskamera 18x24 (Technika) (1937–1943) only 10 items made
  • Linhof Präzisionskamera 18x24 (Technika 'Medizin' in grey) only 1 item made (pre-owner: famous German photographer Adolf Lazi and Franz Lazi)

Monorail view cameras[edit]

  • Linhof Color 4x5 (inches)
  • Linhof Kardan 4x5
  • Linhof Kardan Colour 4x5
  • Linhof Technikardan s45 4x5
  • Linhof Technikardan s23 2x3 (inches)
  • Linhof M679 6x9
  • Linhof M679cc 6x9
  • Linhof M679cs 6x9

Rigid body cameras[edit]

  • Linhof Weitwinkelkamera 65
  • Linhof 220 PL
  • Linhof 220 RS
  • Linhof Technar 45 (4x5)



  • Technorama 612PC II
  • Technorama 612PC III


Linhof Technika Press

  • Technorama
  • Technorama 617S

Aerial photography[edit]

  • Aero Press
  • Electric 70
  • Aerotronica 69 (6x9
  • Aero Technika (4x5')
  • Aero Technika 45 (4x5')
  • Aero Technika 45EL (4x5')
  • Aero Technika 18x24

Photogrammetry, 4x5 in.[edit]

  • Metrika 45
  • Metrika 45R

Digital Platform[edit]

  • Linhof Techno
  • Linhof M 679cs


  • tripods (disconnected)
  • ballheads
  • Linhof Levelling Pan/Tilt Heads
  • Linhof quicklock tripod connector Quickfix



  • The Linhof camera story, edited by the company

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