Phoenix Awardbios V6 00pg Driver Download


Your problem has absolutely nothing to do with the bios !

Phoenix Awardbios V6 00pg Driver Download

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Supply all the info you can come up with, including the make and model of the brand name system, or if you have a generic desktop system the make and model of your mboard.

The model, sometimes the make, of a mboard in a generic desktop system is usually printed on the mboard's surface in obvious larger characters, often between the slots.

If your mboard has SATA support - has SATA data headers -the bios already supports recognizing SATA drives.

Phoenix Awardbios V6 00pg Motherboard Driver Download

Counselling skills and theory margaret hough pdf merge. However, if you have an older mboard that only recognizes the original SATA specs, recent and new SATA II or SATA III drives may NOT be recognized unless you install a jumper on two pins on the drive to limit it to the original SATA specs, 150mbytes/sec max burst data transfer rate.
Some models have the pins for that,some don't.

Flashing the bios is NOT a fix-all !
It's the riskiest thing you can do with a computer !

It makes absolutely no sense at all to flash your bios if your computer worked fine AT ANY TIME with the same bios version and cpu previously.

If the release notes for the bios versions that are newer than the mboard presently has do not mention a problem that is fixed by flashing the bios that is definitely your case, it's extremely unlikely flashing the bios is going to solve your problem(s).

Usually a newer bios update includes all the previous fixes, unless there was a problem with something that was changed.

In most cases, the only legitimate reason for flashing the bios is if you want to install a cpu in the future that the mboard supports for sure that present bios version does not support recognizing.

Retail desktop mboard models generally have a CPU support list on the manufacturer's web site with the minimum bios version required stated on the same line as each cpu. There are even some web sites where you can look up the cpus for many mboard manufacturers retail models in one place that often show the minimum bios version required too - e.g.
If a brand name system has a retail or OEM mboard model that is on the mboard manufacturer's web site, that of course has a brand name system bios version, there's no certainty that the brand name system bios versions support the same cpus as the mboard manufacturer's versions

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