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  1. Winfast Pvr2 Windows 7
Winfast Pvr2 Windows Xp

WinFast TV2000 XP Expert - PVR2 - Windows 7 drivers Hi, I have ASUS P5KC with Realtek integrated sound, WinFast TV2000 XP Expert tv tuner card and Windows 7 Ultimate.I have all latest updates, latest drivers and PVR2 v2.0.3.36 installed.



Winfast Pvr2 Windows 7

Hi All,
I too had this problem, but resolved it by renaming the blocked driver. I have now used it successfully for a week with no problems. Here's how; but use this at your own risk (i.e. I have no idea why Microsoft blocked the driver to begin with and there could be a good reason for it).
1. Update drivers for the PVR2000 automatically on Windows 7 64bit. In device manager the Winfast PVR2000 will be blocked.
2. Open C:WindowsSystem32DriverStoreFileRepositorypvr2000.inf_amd64_neutral_bf23dd254cab18bc (or similar if your OS drive is not C).
3. Look for three files
- cxavsis (Security Catalog)
- cxavsis.sys (System File)
- pvr2000.inf (Setup Information file)
4. Copy them to a new folder in another location (e.g. C:UserstestboxDesktopwin7-PVR2000)
5. Using your NEWLY COPIED files, rename the Security Catalog to a different name; I used cxavsisTIM
6. Rename the cxavsis.sys to the same name (cxavsisTIM.sys)
7. Open the pvr2000.inf file in NOTEPAD and choose REPLACE from the edit menu
- In the 'Find what' area type cxavsis
- In the 'Replace With' area type your new name cxavsisTIM
8. Replace all and SAVE
9. From the Windows 7 device manager, right click and choose 'update driver'
10. Select 'Browse my computer for driver software'. NEXT
11. Select 'Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer'. NEXT
12. Select 'Have Disk'
13. Navigate to your new drivers (e.g. C:UserstestboxDesktopwin7-PVR2000)
14. Install and override any Security prompts about unsigned drivers.
15. Configure your PVR aplication and enjoy
Good luck!
PS: I've atatched the files I changed below, so you can skip the first 8 steps and see if it works for you.. remember - use this at your own risk, everyone's system is unique.