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Angelcare Ac 300

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Amp modelling & Multi Effects

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Summary of Contents for Mooer GE 200

  • Page 1 GE 200 Amp modelling & Multi Effects..
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

  • Page 3: Precautions

    PRECAUTIONS Power Supply Please connect the designated AC adapter to an AC outlet of the correct voltage. Please be sure to use only an AC adapter which supplies 9V DC(±10%), , center negative. Unplug the AC power adapter when not in use or during electrical storms. Connections or disconnecting, this will help prevent malfunction and / or damage to other devices.
  • Page 4: Main Features

    MAIN FEATURES 55 high quality amplifier models 26 built-in speaker cab models and added support for 3 party IR cab models 70 high quality effects. Including Compressors, drives, noise gates, eq’s, modulation,pitch, filters, delays and reverbs 52 second looper with half speed and reverse effects Drum machine with 40 drum patterns and 10 metronome rhythms Store and recall up to 200 User presets Adjustable signal chain lets you arrange the internal effects..
  • Page 5: Layout

    LOOPER REVERSE HALF SPEED 09 10 11 MASTER: Adjusts the master volume output of GE 200 LCD DISPLAY VALUE: Used to navigate menu screens and adjust parameters EFFECT BLOCKS: Access edit screen and ON/OFF for respective effect modules RHYTHM: Access edit screen and ON/OFF for Drum machine and metronome..
  • Page 6: Rear Panel

    REAR PANEL EXP 2 DC 9V 600mA AUX IN Connect an external audio source such as an mp3 player or mobile phone using a 1/8” stereo jack cable. This will allow you to playback music through your GE200 EXP 2 Connect an external expression pedal using a 1/4'..
  • Page 7: Quick Tour

    QUICK TOUR EXP 2 DC 9V 600mA Connect the GE200 up to your desired equipment Connect your guitar to the INPUT jack Connect the power..
  • Page 8 PRESET VOL: 100 BASS DISTANCE CAB-L THRU CAB-R P023 MOOER GE200 Press the PLAY button to enter the PLAY screen Press the ▼ or ▲ footswitches to change the preset EXP 2: SPEED EXP: CAB PRESET VOL: 100 BASS DISTANCE..
  • Page 9 Use the MASTER control to adjust the output volume of Press the CTRL/TAP footswitch to toggle assigned effects blocks on/off or control the tap tempo Press and hold the CTRL/TAP footswitch to change its function RHYTHM RHYTHM 8BEAT3 NO.03 Press the RHYTHM button to switch the drum machine on/off Use the VALUE control to change pattern speed and volume You can also use the CTRL/TAP footswitch to control the tempo..
  • Page 10: Play

    DISTANCE CAB-L THRU CAB-R P023 MOOER GE200 1. Preset name and number 2. Preset volume 3. EXP and EXP 2 functions and parameters 4. CAB SIM on/off status for each output Press the ▼ and ▲ footswitches to change the preset down and up . Presets can also be navigated quickly by rotating the VALUE control knob.
  • Page 11: Chain

    We recommend using this screen when setting up and programming a new preset. EXP 2: SPEED EXP: CAB PRESET VOL: 100 BASS DISTANCE MOOER GE200 P 0 4 6 NS GATE REVERB DELAY 1. Preset name and number 2. Signal chain input 3. Signal chain output 4.
  • Page 12: Effects Blocks

    EFFECTS BLOCKS There are 9 effects blocks in GE200, each with a dedicated button on the front panel. FX/COMP: Compressors and wah wah pedals DS/OD: Distortion and Overdrive pedals AMP: Amplifier models CAB: Speaker cabinet models NS: Noise Suppressors EQ: Equalization models MOD: Modulation and Filter effects DELAY: Delay pedals REVERB: Reverb models..
  • Page 13: Ctrl/tap

    CTRL/TAP The CTRL/TAP footswitch has 2 main functions CTRL: Toggle assigned effects blocks on/off TAP: Tap the footswitch multiple times to control the tempo of your delays To switch between these two functions press and hold the CTRL/TAP footswitch for a second Press the CTRL/TAP button to enter the setup screen for the CTRL/TAP footswitch.
  • Page 14: Exp

    GE200 has a built-in expression pedal (EXP) and the facility to support a second GE200 has a built-in expression pedal (EXP) and the facility to support a second external expression pedal (EXP2). To use an external expression pedal with external expression pedal (EXP2). To use an external expression pedal with GE200, connect it to the EXP2 input using a TRS stereo jack cable.
  • Page 15: Exp Function

    EXP FUNCTION EXP FUNCTION DISTANCE 1. Select the effect block by rotating the VALUE control 2. Select the parameter by rotating the VALUE control Press the value control to toggle between effect block and effect parameter selection Please note: Any parameter marked with an will also allow you to turn the effect block on/off when activating the EXP pedal.
  • Page 16: Exp Calibrate

    EXP CALIBRATE EXP CALIBRATE PRESS CLICK TO ACCEPT 1. Set the pedal in the heel down position and press the VALUE control to confirm EXP CALIBRATE PRESS CLICK TO ACCEPT 2. Set the pedal in the toe down position and press the VALUE control to confirm EXP CALIBRATE PRESS CLICK TO ACCEPT..
  • Page 17: Merge

    MERGE MERGE is a special function which allows you to control multiple parameters from any effects blocks and set the parameter value end points for both heel down and toe down positions. This can be used in many ways, but it’s very good for blending seamlessly between two different sounds or having advanced control over special effects.
  • Page 18 01:DIGITAL 1200 ms LEVEL F.BACK TIME SUB-D Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the F.BACK with a value of 50 in the heel down position and 10 in the toe down position Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the TIME with a value of 300ms in the heel down position and 1200ms in the toe down position 01:DIGITAL 300 ms..
  • Page 19: System Settings

    SYSTEM SETTINGS Enter the system settings menu using the SYSTEM button. In this menu you will find various global settings which can be used to setup your Ge200. SYSTEM INPUT LEVEL SCR EEN USB AUDIO CAB SIM TURU FS MODE RESET INPUT LEVEL: Adjust the INPUT gain level USB AUDIO: Configure the USB AUDIO outputs..
  • Page 20: Fs Mode

    FS MODE GE200 has two different footswitch modes. These modes depict how the footswitches can be used to change presets. FS MODE FOOT SWITCH MODE MODE 2 SELECT PRESET CONFIRM CTRL/TAP MODE 1: Press ▼ or ▲ footswitch to change preset down or up Press and hold ▼..
  • Page 21: Saving Presets

    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W S Y Z 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 MOOER GE200 Rotate VALUE to select preset space..
  • Page 22: Rhythm

    RHYTHM Ge200 has a built in RHYTHM module with 40 drum machines and 10 Metronome styles for you to use when practicing. Press the RHYTHM button to toggle this module on/off and enter it’s edit screen. RHYTHM RHYTHM 8BEAT3 NO.03 1.
  • Page 23: Looper

    LOOPER has an integrated 52 second looper, complete with special effects. Press the ▲ and CTRL/TAP footswitches simultaneously to access the looper screen LOOPER LOOPER P0001025 MOOER GE200 P0001025 MOOER GE200 PRESET 00.0S 00.0S REC: 100 REC: 100 PLAY: 100..
  • Page 24: Tuner

    TUNER Press ▼ and ▲ footswitches simultaneously to enter/exit the guitar tuner in GE200 TUNER A= 435HZ MUTE MUTE/BYPASS the audio signal Tuner calibration Nearest Note Displays red when the note is flat or sharp Displays green when the note has achieved the correct pitch..
  • Page 25: Usb

    can be connected to a windows PC via USB for direct recording, software updates or preset editing using the dedicated editor software P004: 5150CORE PRESET0001LIST P001: TWIN CRY WAH P002: TIMMY P003: JCM900 P004: 5150CORE P005: DR Z P006: JM POSITION P007: AS I LAY DYING P008: AC30..
  • Page 26: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS NO.of Effect Types: 151 Preset : 200 Input: 1/4 ” mono audio jack Output: 1/4 ” mono audio jack AUX IN: 1/8 ” stereo audio jack Headphone out: 1/8 ” stereo audio jack EXP2 : 1/4 ” stereo jack cable Sampling rate: 44.1K Sampling accuracy: 24bit Signal to noise ratio: 98dB..
  • Page 27: Model

  • Page 28 MODEL NAME BASED ON 65 US DX Fender 65 Deluxe reverb 65 US TW Fender 65 Twin Reverb Fender 59 Bassman 59 US BASS US SONIC Fender Super Sonic US BLUES CL Fender Blues Deluxe clean channel Fender Blues Deluxe US BLUES OD J800 Marshall JCM800..
  • Page 29 MODEL NAME BASED ON NOISE KILLER MOOER NOISE KILLER INTEL REDUCER MOOER Intelligent Noise Reduction NOISE GATE MOOER Digital noise gate * NOTES: All product name called their company, here is only used in this product simulation effect of tone types.
  • Page 30 3 band parametric EQ with adjustable frequencies and CUSTOM EQ ±12Db boost/cut MODEL NAME BASED ON PHASER Based on the MOOER NINETY ORANGE STEP PHASER Square wave phase shifter FAT PHASER Low frequency phase shifter FLANGER Based on the MOOER E-LADY..
  • Page 31: Model

    DELAY MODEL NAME BASED ON Recreates the crystal-clear repeats of the 80’s delay units DIGITAL Modelled after classic stompbox delays with BB chips ANALOG Digital Delay which responds to instrument dynamics DYNAMIC Realistic and natural echoe REAL Recreates swirly 70’s tape echo TAPE Digital Delay with modulated repeats REVERSE..
  • Page 32 MOOER AUDIO CO.,LTD Shenzhen, China