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I need to QA my DHCP setup at work. In my QA system I have 2 Adonis Bluecat 1000 DHCP/DNS boxes in a cluster representing 1 data center, and another 2 Adonis Bluecat 1000's representing another data center.
These boxes use DHCP failover, so if one cluster hands out an address from their shared pool the lease database gets updated on the other cluster.
To add complexity to the issue these boxes hand out addresses based on what VLAN the request comes in on.
Ucom twin usb vibration gamepad driver. I've QA'd with 5 devices each on a different VLAN. But I'd like a way to simulate 200 devices on 20 different VLANs doing a DHCP request.
Does anybody know of a program or an appliance that could do this?
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