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ARIA is Garritan's 64-bit Sampler/Synthesis Engine, developed in collaboration with Plogue Art et Technologie Inc.

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ARIA's unique and powerful features:

Garritan Aria Player, free garritan aria player software downloads. The ARIA Player is a leader in this new music technology. The ARIA Engine and Player have been The ARIA Engine and Player have been thoroughly tested and proven. They are currently used in major music programs including Microsoft.

  • Efficiency and Reliability: The core engine is lightweight, stable and efficient, with a focus on simplicity and playability.
  • Open Format: ARIA's default instrument file format is SFZ, a very powerful and public file format that is rapidly becoming the new open standard. The SFZ format is also the format used in Cakewalk products. The ARIA engine will also work with soundfont files and more file formats are expected to be supported soon.
  • Modular Architecture: Its flexible plug-in based architecture allows incredible customization and future-proofing; using a custom SDK, highly efficient ARIA modules can be compiled into native machine code to do tasks such as: complex MIDI/input processing voice generation (e.g: sample player, sample modeling, additive/subtractive synthesis, physical modeling, etc), voice and master effects, and more.
  • Customizable: Each product based on ARIA can have a fully unique user interface tailored to the needs of that product based on a simple XML layout that allows multiple panes, transparent images and animations.
  • Custom Processing: Real-time morphing capabilities, high-order filters, convolution (for instrument body resonances and acoustic spaces), MIDI processing (for legato, anti-repetition, etc.), and custom DSP.
  • Supports Multiple Platforms: ARIA-based products are currently available for these platforms: Mac OS X 10.4 and higher (PPC32, PPC64, Intel32 and Intel64) and Windows XP and Vista (both 32 and 64-bits). A native Linux version is also in the works. Works as standalone, plug-in (VST 2.4 -VST 3.0 - AudioUnits -RTAS), and supported notation programs.
  • Downloadable Instruments Integration: Users will be able to access the Garritan online store, demo individual instruments, and have the opportunity to purchase sounds.
  • Graceful Copy Protection: Users receive a Personalized Graphic Card Key to authorize. Simply drag and drop the personalized graphic card onto the ARIA player and it is authorized. You are allowed to use your products on multiple computers, without dongles or challenge response.
So this may not happen to anyone, or it may...
I recently upgraded to GPO5, but was having a hard time getting the Aria Standalone player to run.
Installation seemed to go fine, but when I launched the Aria Player, nothing happened. It never came up. I tried the usual stuff - make sure I was running the latest version, running as administrator, trying compatibility mode settings, etc.
I opened Task Manager and launched Aria. I saw it was launched and then just watched as it started churning through my memory. It just kept going until Windows gave me a low memory condition.Standalone
I stumbled upon the Aria log files and took a look. From what I could tell, it was getting hung up enumerating my audio devices. It thought I had 5 billion (with a 'B') audio devices, and then proceeded to query each one, which returned null values, because obviously I don't have enough money or even available ports to hang 5 billion audio devices off my laptop computer.
I finally opened a ticket with MakeMusic, and my new friend Chad at MakeMusic had me send him some log files. Turns out that my M-Audio FastTrack Pro had outdated drivers, so I looked on the web. Of course there are no official Windows 10 drivers for it, but I did find drivers newer than what I had previously installed (I say installed - that was on Windows 7, and they came along for the ride when I upgraded to Windows 10).
So, new drivers in place, I re-launch Aria and what do you know, it launches the interface. It tells me that my GPO5 is not activated yet and do I want to download the keycard. I had already done that, so I answered 'NO'. I then went to drag the keycard I downloaded over the Aria interface (which is how it works) and it just displayed a 'circle/slash' (the universal symbol for 'that ain't gonna work, buddy'). So back to MakeMusic. At least we're making progress, so surely there has to be an answer.
Well, there is, so I thought I would share it here. If you can't activate a Garritan library by dropping the keycard over the interface with your mouse, then do this:
  • On an empty instrument slot, click empty and choose Import
  • In the Please Select File dialog box, locate the keycard on your desktop (or wherever you saved it) and click Open
  • Repeat these steps for each Garritan product/keycard you need to activate

Garritan Aria Player Direct Download

Your library should now be activated in the ARIA Player. If the library does not activate or you receive an error message, please contact customer support for further assistance.
MakeMusic support was great. I called them on the telephone and then had an email of the first things to try within half an hour. Since I was at work, I couldn't test it, but I did so once I got home, and so had the next set of instructions the next morning. By afternoon, everything was fixed and I'm up and running.
Now, if PGMusic could fix the VSTi Windows so that you can see the right hand side of the Aria player to reach the instrument tweaking controls, I'll really be in business. Hint, Hint!
I hope this helps someone else.
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