Srw2024 Downloading Code Using Xmodem With Putty


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From Hilgraeve:
HyperTerminal Private Edition is a terminal emulation program that supports communications over TCP/IP networks, Dial-Up Modems, and serial COM ports.
Some uses of HyperTerminal Private Edition: Use a TCP/IP network to connect to systems on the Internet or your network using Telnet or Secure Shell (SSH); Use a Dial-Up modem to dial into modem based systems; Talk directly to many different types of devices using serial COM ports; Define key macros, save keystrokes, or adapt to host systems that require special keys or command sequences; Assign passwords, user ID's and host commands to a single key; Select terminal screen size and colors to take advantage of host systems that let you adjust the number or rows and columns displayed; Set the program to automatically exit after you log out. Use pass-through printing to allow host systems to print directly to the users printer; Zmodem crash recovery; TCP/IP support for accessing telnet sites on the Internet; Auto-redial busy telephone numbers; Conduct multiple simultaneous telnet sessions; Set HTPE as your default telnet client. Terminal Emulators: ANSI; ANSIW; Minitel; ViewData; VT100, VT100J, VT52, VT220, and VT320.
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Oct 01, 2013  A very good evening to all! Gts h05u09s driver windows 7. There are times when the IOS on a switch may crash and (as a last resort) you need to use the painfully slow Xmodem. Srw2024 Downloading Code Using Xmodem Source. I'm using Putty and I'm not finding any Xmodem options. Downloading code using XMODEM. SRW2024 Console Displays. PuTTY xmodem transfering file integration. Home; Downloads. 00_Share '); --or -- Download file in putty folder lua_xmodem_rcv(nil); From putty menu.

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hi I am currently using a 3550 layer 3 switch.
originally I had 2 x ios's in flashSrw2024 Downloading Code Using Xmodem With Putty

Cisco Xmodem

step 1
just to make sure no corruption, I have installed 'tftp - putty' and copied the ios into the putty path as usual

Download Xmodem

step 2
reloaded 3550 by pressing the 'mode' button on the switch which is now showing the prompt below and I have typed the below:
switch: copy xmodem: flash:c2955-i6q4l2-mz.121-13.EA1.bin - enter

Cisco Xmodem File Transfer

ccccccccxmodem:: I/o error
step 3
if I access the 'putty' properties and change baud rate from '9600 to 11500' the putty screen cursor shows, but when I hit enter, the screen does not show any characters. I then change '11500 back to 9600' and I can view the 'putty' screen as usual
question 1. as I am not using win 2003 that uses 'hyperterminal', I am now using win 2008 that does not use 'hyperterminal', so can anyone advise on how to copy the ios from my tftp back to my cisco 3550 ?
note: I have been looking at the below sites: