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Thamarai (English: Lotus), is a Tamil soap opera that airs on Sun TV. The show continues to enjoy a successful run with almost 770 episodes aired as of June 2017, starting from November 2014. This show replaced another hit show of the same channel named Ilavarasi. It starred Neelima Rani, Nirosha and other Tamil stars.

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Jan 27, 2018 - Thamarai (TV series). Quite the same Wikipedia. Thamarai Serial Actors Name. Picture 217467 Vellai Thamarai Serial Actress.

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Thamarai Serial In Youtube

The show is produced by Radaan Mediaworks whereas S. Anand Babu is the current director. The screenplay is provided by Devibala, and the show is created by Radhika Sarathkumar. The show revolves around the life of Sneha Dwarkesh, played by Neelima Rani, a middle class working girl. Sneha lives with her aunt Raji, played by Nirosha. Sneha lost her mother when she was young, and her father serves jail for allegedly killing her. As a result, Sneha utterly despises her father.

Tamil Serial Actors And Actress

However, she didn’t know that the man who’s in jail for mother’s murder is her father which is only revealed by her aunt, Raji. Later, Sneha falls in love with Dwarkesh, played by Ashwin. Dwarkesh is her cousin, and Dwarkesh’s father is her maternal uncle. Raghavan, Dwarkesh’s father, initially opposes the relationship because Sneha worked in the same company same as Rajiv, his elder son. Rajiv eloped with her rich girlfriend, Uma against his family’s wishes.

Dwarkesh and Sneha try to appeal to Raghavan but he does not budge. Underworld dubnobasswithmyheadman rar. They both then decide marry secretly in the court. However, Uma knows this and reveals this to Raghavan and his family. However, her plan fails as Raghavan gets to know that Sneha is her sister, Kasthuri’s daughter and accepts her with open arms but he refuses to keep any touch with her father, Karunakaran, as he thinks that he is the one who killed his sister.

Sneha later gets to know that her father did not kill Kasthuri, her mother but Muthulakshmi did. Despite the revelation, Sneha is uneasy about mending the relationship. Meanwhile, Uma’s daughter turns against her mother because of her bad side and tells her that she will stay away from her until Sneha and her father get together. Sneha later accepts her father Karunakaran and they get together. Shabazz palaces interview. However Karunakaran gets very sick. While the family is worried about him, doctors reveal he needs a kidney.

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Thamarai Serial Characters Name

Sneha is ready to donate the kidney, but during the operation, she faints. It is revealed that Sneha becomes pregnant and will be unable to donate the kidney. She decides to abort the baby to save her father, but her husband Dwarkesh does not feel the same way. This creates a rift between them. The story is about Sneha, who is torn between her love for her father and her husband. Her life has been full of struggles that she has always overcome. Caught between the desire to save her father and her love for her husband, can Sneha have both?