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Dec 19, 2010  Dubnobasswithmyheadman is the third album by Underworld, released in 1994 after the band made the transition from synth pop to progressive house. It is also the first album to feature Darren Emerson, ushering in the 'MK2' phase of the band, which continued until Emerson's departure in 2001.


British electronic band Underworld was formed in 1980, but its founders, Karl Hyde and Rick Smith had met in the late seventies, while studying at the University of Cardiff. Payless shoe source employee handbook. They had been working at the small cafй, which was quite popular among many young musicians. Then Karl and Rick formed the band Freur that signed the contract with CBS Records and released tow albums: Doot-Doot (1983) and Get Us Out Of Here (1986). Freur was disbanded in 1986, but the new group was formed – Underworld.


The band’s debut studio work Underneath The Radar was issued in 1988. The interesting sound and concept were much enjoyed by the listeners, and in 1989 the musicians released their second long play Change The Weather, including the famous composition Stand Up. By 1991 Karl and Rick were joined by Darren Emerson, and in 1994 the trio released the strong record Dubnobasswithmyheadman, which demonstrated changes in the style and transition to trance. It was critically acclaimed and enjoyed by the fans, so the musicians chose the direction for the following albums. Their discography was enlarged by the long play Second Toughest In The Infants in 1996, and it proved to be as interesting as its predecessor. It was followed by the original record Beaucoup Fish (1999), and in one review that album was called “electronic The Dark Side Of The Moon” of the legendary Pink Floyd – of course, such comparison described Underworld’s creation in a very nice way.

In 2002 the band released the strong album A Hundred Days Off, and its songs included elements of ambient and lounge. It goes without saying that these elements added the new and fresh coloring to Underworld’s creativity. Five years later the group issued the long play Oblivion With Bells (2007), which preserved the relaxing mood: the notes of lounge and ambient that appeared in A Hundred Days Off were presented in full volume. Underworld’s new album titled Barking saw the light in 2010. It was critically acclaimed and the fans’ expectations were completely satisfied. Barking, as the band’s traditionally powerful work, will be interesting for the group’s old fans and for all the great electronic music lovers.

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Another long player from the electronic music wizards Underworld called Barking will explain to you why this genre remains highly demanded
Oblivion With Bells
Underworld can be fearlessly considered as one of the founders of electronic music. The duo exist sinсe 1989 and they had time to release a whole bunch of popular records. This year Underworld are coming back with their new record Oblivion With Bells






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